Saturday, April 21, 2018

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Review

If you watched any of the streams last week you might have noticed I'm using a new webcam.

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream Review (but since that's a mouthful let's call it "C922")

I gave it a week before posting this as I wanted to have proper experience with the camera before giving out a opinion. I really hate to read reviews and somewhere in the middle you find the sentence "I used it for half an hour"


- 1080p@30 FPS or 720p@60 FPS
- Works with Personify.

Now I always research the crap out of anything I buy but I was still surprised by how good both the camera and Personify are.


- Picture quality is awesome.
- Very good in low light.
- Background removal works way (WAYYYY) better than expected,
- It feels like it's well built and not just a bunch of plastic.


- Background removal is CPU intensive. If you're not running a modern CPU you're going to have trouble streaming.
- Short cable.
- I'm poor and this was expensive.

Lets elaborate on the pros:
The picture looks crisp! and I'm not in a studio with perfect lighting, far from it! Also, my background sucks! You would expect the background removal to work with a plain background, mine is shelves full of books and random crap, still, with these conditions, the camera and software behave beautifully!

Now the cons:
I run i5 8600k at 4.5Ghz and I had to dial down my encoding preset while streaming. I have to say that I saw no drop in quality in the stream for it since my preset was over the top to begin with but it's still something to notice, especially if you have a slower CPU.
Cable is 1.5 meters long. That's something to consider for your setup. make sure that is enough for you.

And here's an example of how it looks on the stream:

Highly recommended!