Saturday, March 8, 2014

World of Tanks - Dairy

I decided to keep a dairy of my progress in World of Tanks!
Questions and suggestions are welcome.

February 24th - Account created.
February 25th - Achieved "Ace tanker" mastery badge with Medium I (UK)
February 28th - Bought Medium II (UK) and M2 Light (US) (tier II)
March 1st -  Joined Clan [ATAT] Amour-ed tactics assault tanks - a Group of very nice guys that gave me great advice.
March 2nd - Bought T-18 (US) (tier II)
March 2nd - Decided to follow the Russian line to get the tier V KV-1
March 2nd - Bought T-26 (USSR) (tier II)
March 3rd - 1 Day Free Premium
March 3rd - Bought T-46 (USSR) (tier III)
March 3rd - Got top Gun award for killing 6 enemies in 1 battle in a Medium I (UK)

March 4th - Bought T-28 (USSR) (tier IV) (click here for my review)
March 8th - Bought 30 day premium
March 8th - Bought Medium III (UK) (tier III)
March 8th - Bought KV-1 (USSR) (tier V) (watch my first battle here)
March 8th - Bought Matilda (UK) (tier IV)
March 8th - Bought T-82 (US) (tier III)
March 9th - Bought M8A1 (US) (tier IV)
March 9th - Completed "Tilting at windmills Part 1" mission (get 30 kills before March 11)
March 13th - Got the"Tactical Genius" award for winning 3 team battles in a row.
March 15th - Bought KV-1S (USSR) (tier VI)
March 15th - Bought T49 (US) (tier V)
March 15th - Bought G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) (GER) (tier II)
March 15th - Bought Bison (GER) (tier III)
March 15th - Achieved "Ace tanker" mastery badge with Bison (GER) (tier III)

March 18th - Reached 100 battles with the KV-1 (USSR) (tier V)
March 18th -Bought Sturmpanzer II (GER) (tier IV)
March 20th - Achieved "Ace tanker" mastery badge with Sturmpanzer II (GER) (tier IV)
March 21st - Achieved "Ace tanker" mastery badge with Matilda (UK) (tier IV) (in the most awesome battle I ever fought in.)

March 22nd - Chi-Ni (Japan) (tier II)
March 22nd - Chi-Ha (Japan) (tier III)
March 22nd - Chi-He (Japan) (tier IV)
March 24th - Bought Churchill I (UK) (tier V)
March 27th -Bought Grille (GER) (tier V)
March 29th - Bought IS (USSR) (tier VII)
March 29th - Got 3 days of free premium for getting 75 team battle wins in March (thanks to the guys from my clan)
April 5th - Bought IS-3 (USSR) (tier VIII)

April 11th Bought Ha-Go (Japan) (tier II)
April 12th Bought Ke-Ni (Japan) (tier III)
April 12th Bought Pz.Kpfw. II (GER) (tier II)
April 12th Bought Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G (GER) (tier III)
April 18th Bought Luchs(GER) (tier IV)
April 21st Bought Leopard(GER) (tier V)
April 25th -Bought Hummel (GER) (tier VI)
April 29th Bought VK 28.01(GER) (tier VI)
April 29th Bought D1 (FRA) (tier II)
April 29th Bought D2 (FRA) (tier III)
April 30th Bought B1 (FRA) (tier IV)
May 1st Bought Hellcat (US) (tier VI)
May 2nd Bought Churchill VII (UK) (tier VI)
May 3rd Bought KV-2 (USSR) (tier VI)

Oh and if you want to check my stats just look for Lestatgaming in the European servers