Saturday, February 22, 2014

Twitch Plays Pokemon or the greatest thing on the internet

Some genius turned pokemon Red into a game that can be played by thousands of players at the same time on Twitch and it's the greatest thing ever... It's Twitch Plays Pokemon

What happens is viewers can issue commands in the chat of the channel for the character to execute. Sounds easy? That's because you're not taking into account that at the moment I'm writing this there are 44 thousand players watching the stream, all issuing commands at the same time, at peak? 120 Thousand...
To deal with this madness there's a system in place where you can vote for anarchy (what was described above) or democracy a more where a move is only entered into the game after a voting phase. Of course that's much slower but it gets things done a lot more. The thing is the internet really loves anarchy...

This social gaming experiment as been running for 9 days now and got as far as the front page of CNN with numerous storys growing around it like the proto religion centered around the Helix fossil.

It´s all so crazy, it's all so great.
This my friends, is the internet.

EDIT may 1st: They did it!! They beat the game... The Helix gave them strength!