Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lococycle - Review and gameplay

Lococycle was a launch game on the Xbox One and I had no contact with it until yesterday when the PC version launched on Steam and boy am I glad it did.

It's sooo fun! And It costs 10 dollars! Absolutely awesome value for a game that even was live action cutscenes. (by the way if you like Rooster Teeth Michael Jones is in the first cutscene)

So now for the story:
IRIS is a sentient bike created by an evil arms company that gets it by lightning the day of it's official presentation (bad luck right?) in order to fix the damage it gets taken to it's spanish speaking mechanic, Pablo.
Pablo manages to get his boot stuck in IRIS just as IRIS is going crazy over a tv ad and decides to go to Scottsdale, Indiana dragging Pablo all the way there and fighting hordes of enemies.
Sounds ridiculous? That's because it is... It's also fun. LOTS of fun!

Reality follows fiction: Ivan Tedesco, american motocross rider got his leg stuck in his opponent bike.
That must hurt...