Friday, January 3, 2014

Kinect messes with Need for Speed Rivals players

Ohhh Kinect... You gimmicky stupid thing.

There are reports everywhere of gamers whose Kinects either listen to any small background noise and interpret it as a voice command and ruins your race or it listens to the game itself and it doesn't cancel it out (as it should) and it ruins your race.

The two voice commands that cause most of the trouble are "show map" which is supposed to bring up the map (and of course blocks your view of the track when Kinect decides on it's own that somebody somewhere said it) and "look around" that makes the camera do a 360 which as you can imagine is the best way to send you right into a wall.
In fact there are lots of people complaining about the game acting up that don't even realize whats happening. They are reporting it as a bug not realizing that it can be turning Kinect off (example on EA's forums)

So now there's two EA games having problems (the other being the horribly buggy Battlefield 4) but this time Microsoft shares the blame...