Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Top 5 Android Games - December

I love Android! At this time I really can't think of buying a non android phone (and windows phone can dig itself a hole and die)

And so being a gamer I always have some games on my mobile that I'm always playing and I'll try to keep this list updated with my top 5 games at this moment.
(By the way they are not in any specific order)

Plague Inc.

You know you want to kill all mankind... In this game you play the role of some deadly disease and try to wipe out humanity.

Empire Defense 2
Empire defense is sort of a tower defense games where you use your war earnings to buy new soldiers and improve your current ones.
Sounds typical but it's actually very fun and addictive.

Candy Crush

Yes, I know you already know this game. Everybody does. It's the new Angry Birds, the new Farmvile, the new "Stop sending me annoying notifications on Facebook"


Robotek gives turn-based robot battles as you try to retake the planet after a robotik takeover.
The gameplay can get a little repetitive but the increasing difficulty keeps you hooked.


The Android version of Minecraft just like the real deal gets updated with new features frequently. The current version is very different (and more feature rich) from the original one.

So try those out and if you have any suggestions leave me a comment. I'm always on the hunt for new games to try out.