Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Football Manager 2014 tortures pirates with wrong player names

Remember when a few months ago I wrote about Game Dev Tycoon publisher messing with pirates? Well, apparently that idea caught.
In the new edition of the acclaimed series Football Manager, Football Manager 2014, on the pirated version of the game all the players have the wrong names! I found this (among many others) print screen on the official game forums.

Apparently you get to play the game but... all the player names are some weird name combination. So unless you don't mind having Lionel Messi named Mohamed Jesus it's unplayable.
And of course, as always it's very funny to see people suffering from this problem complaining on the official forums just to immediately be outed as a pirate.

First was meta-piracy, now it's wrong names, what will game developers create next to mess with pirates?

By the way, Football Manager is my favorite game series ever... BUT it sucks the life out of me so I think this year like last year, I will skip it. I just don't have the time to invest in it anymore. It draws me in like nothing else. No other game has kept me awake until 5 AM so many nights. Unfortunately gone are the days of 3 months summer holidays and so gone are the days of countless seasons played on this amazing game.

Edit: This post has been receiving a lot of traffic... Probably from people trying to find a solution to this "problem". Sorry, you won't find it here, but feel free to check out some of the other posts! For example if you like managers take a look at this. Or click here to go to the home page.

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