Friday, October 25, 2013

Warface - Free first person shooter from Crytek

Crytek are known for pushing the envelope with they Crysis series, now they're aiming (pun intended) at a different market.

Yesterday marked the release of Warface a online only, (kinda) browser based first person shooter.

I jumped on it immediately so have a look and judge for yourself.

The game looks tremendous for something that you only have to install a plugin to play (it took me about 2 minutes) and it's a fun shooter. If you like the genre you have a good choice here, and since you can apparently upgrade your gear it has a cool progression side to it.

Fair warning, the game launched a couple of days ago. Like all online launches this hasn't gone without it's share of difficulties. That's to be expected. We all know this always happens, and in my opinion it's much less serious for a free game than for the paid kind. At least when I was trying to get on it and couldn't I didn't felt like I had thrown 60 bucks to the trash. As always this will be solved in a few days.

My recomendation is to give it a try! Here's the link: