Saturday, October 12, 2013

Master System II - Memories

This was the last console I owned.

And one of these will be the next one:

Quite a jump.

But back to the Master System.

Sonic The Hedgehog

This game came on the memory which meant that if you turned the console on without any cartridge you would get Sonic. And that was awesome.
Today I found a full play of that game on Youtube by Chilean Retrogamer and I just sat here watching it all. Remembering...
My master system wasn't hooked on all the time. Every weekend when I wanted to play I asked my parents to connect it. And they did, on the kitchen tv. So there I was, siting on a stupidly uncomfortable chair jerking the remote each time I pressed a button to make Sonic jump. I remember the first time I reached the end of the game. Actually I remember the entire thing. Even 20 years latter I was pointing at the screen at where the secret areas are. And the music... god... so many memories.

Because money wasn't abundant at the time I had only two more game. (yes, I owned (and loved) a console and bought a total of 2 games for it)

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2

I was crazy for Ayrton Senna at the time and I'm still a F1 fan and the game was fantastic. All the real courses that I knew by heart from watching the races on TV were there as was the almost invincible (in the game at least) Ayrton Senna. And the it's maddening, at the time, I went to bed, closed my eyes and I could still ear the screeching noise the car made in the corners. It was magic.

Desert Strike

This was so good it's ward to believe it's a game from a 8 bit console. Each level had a different set of objectives, you could retrieve hostages and lost soldiers, destroy enemy buildings and vehicles, look for ammo and fuel...
It was just too awesome. Take a look, retro game youtuber ArthurDWolfe made 2 videos from the first mission of the game.

So what about you? Tell me in the comments about your best memories from your own master System.