Monday, October 21, 2013

Democracy 3 Review and Let's Play

I like political simulators.... It's a shame they're usually terrible. Really really terrible.

Well, this one isn't that bad.
Here's my video and text review of it:

The good:

The interface:
This kind of game usually have extremely cluttered interfaces with tons of small numbers. Not this one, beautiful, clean and accessible. A great example.

It's fun! Enough to keep you entertained for a few hours.

The bad:

The countries:
Too few choices. Maybe they're planning to release more playable countries in the future but for now your choices are really limited.

Too Simple:
If you looking for realism you should look elsewhere. In this game things always are a little too linear.

Normally nuns aren't out to kill the president. Well in this game piss them off and they will. And so will all the other groups.

My final advice is to wait until the price drops but definitely give this a try if you're into this genre.