Thursday, July 4, 2013

My birthday is Simcity day

Today is my birthday and my girlfriend knowing that I played hundreds of hours of SimCity in my life decided to give me the new one as a gift,

So it seems that I'm not going to skip this one after all.

As I'm writing this the game is updating.

This is after I was first forced to install Origin:
(Of course the auto run and auto update options were selected by default.)

And then forced to create an account for it:

After that the game installation finally started, and then one quick update And the game was ready to play...
Except for the part that when I clicked play it said there was another update and it has been installing that one for 10 minutes now.

So basically, up to now SimCity is everything I expected it to be...

By the way if you still think Origin isn't that bad read this article by IGN or this article from