Monday, May 20, 2013

The QR Code Experiment

If you're reading this after scanning a QR Code you are part of the experiment! Congratulations!

Let me explain:

I'm always looking for ways to get more traffic for my website and I thought of a really unusual one.
With everyone now carrying in their pockets a device than can reach the internet, much of the online traffic is coming from smartphones or tablets.

With that in mind I decided to try some offline advertising. I'm going to print 100 QR Codes that when scanned link to this page.

A QR Code looks like this:
You've probably seen lot's of then, and if you have a smartphone, you can use your camera to scan them and get some kind of information, it can be a text message, or a link to a website. The one above links to my homepage.

How I'm going to do it:

There's two ways I can do this, stickers or regular paper.
I'm going for regular paper mainly because posting stickers in public property may be considered an act of vandalism and even though that would guarantee a much bigger exposure I want to keep the reputation of the site intact.
So I'm just going to leave some QR codes on public transportation, and other places where people will find them and track the results.

I'm trying this without a frame of reference really. I don't know how successful I'm going to be, what I know is that if I get any traffic it wont be targeted traffic. The code doesn't give any visual indication of what site it leads to so it's only targeted if you think that techno savvy people are more likely to recognize and scan a QR Code and that's also the kind of people that enjoys video games.

Result tracking:

The original 100 QR codes are going to point to this post and I'm going to tweak the URL so I know exactly how many page views I got from those 100 images.
The results will of course be posted were.