Sunday, April 28, 2013

StarDrive Review

Do you remember Master of Orion? I do... Awesome game.
Space exploration or space empire games are very rare and even rarer are good ones.
Well I'm a fan of building games. City building games (SimCity) and Empire building games (Civilization) are my park.
So when I find a now one I'm always excited to try it out.

And try it I did.


  • Looks good
The graphics are really cool, most games from this genre are old (hell I started this post referencing Master of Orion) it's cool to see something that looks modern.
Watch the video review for HD footage of the game.
  • Detailed Ship Building

The options for building and customizing your ships are extensive and it's fun to test your creations out in the field. Also as you climb through the technology tree you unlock new parts that "force you to improve your existing ship designs.


  • Too war oriented

Even Gandhi would look like Genghis Khan in this game everyone looks at you as great fertilizer for their garden and try to turn you into it as soon as they meet you. It doesn't matter if they know nothing about you, they're not angry nor do they fear you they just want to kill you.
  • Low focus on empire management
It's the future but the Venus Governor smokes a pipe. Deal  with it.

With that much war going on all the time there's not a lot of time left for micromanagement it's a good thing that colonies just about manage themselves, you can also automate the building of freighters and other logistic related ships.

It's a fun fast paced game but not exactly the game I wanted it to be.
What about you? What do you think about this game? Leave me a comment!