Monday, April 29, 2013

Pirates plagued by piracy in "Game Dev Tycoon"

In what turned out to be the best gaming marketing campaign I've heard of lately, game developer GreenHearth Games released a cracked version of their brand new game in some torrent sites.

In a few hours the game had been downloaded thousands of times, but players of the pirated version were having some troubles with... piracy.

The developer changed the game so that the titles you produce in the Game Dev Tycoon suffer from rampant piracy and that invariably bring your company to bankruptcy.
Some of the pirates actually complained about in game piracy in the developer forums! Irony... 

The amount of publicity these guys got with this stunt in hard to describe. Every gaming website (and some not gaming related) is talking about this. In fact they got so much traffic it brought their website down.
If you visit them right now you will see this.
(see a cached version of the website here)

Since the game costs only 8$ and just because the guys behind it seen awesome I'm probably going to buy it (as soon as they can bring the website back online...)

What do you think? Will this encourage more companies to pirate their own game? Leave me a comment!

EDIT: Click here for the review!