Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Game Dev Tycoon Review

Yesterday I wrote about GreenHearth Games brand new release and how they made fun of pirates by releasing their own pirated version of the game (altered to make the players company's fail due to piracy.)

Today I will review the game itself.


  • Fun topic:

All gamers wish thy were game developers, or professional gamers. this game gives a way to pretend you're a developer.

  • Addictive:
Man do I wan't to make the new Modern Warfare... You will keep trying and trying. Believe me, I went to bed at 5 AM last night.

  • Value for money:
For what it costs you will get this for under 1$ per gameplay hour...

  • Repetitive:
It's pretty much: Make a new game watch how it does. Make a new game watch how it does. Make a new game watch how it does.

If you like Tycoon games go for it. It's a good one. If you don't like this kind of games you will get bored in minutes and give up.