Friday, March 22, 2013

Sound, the last frontier

So, as promised I re-recorded the first video, this time making sure that I was capturing sound.
And I was, you could barely hear it but it was there. So simply adjust the mic and start over right? Not really...
Mic was in the right position it's volume at 100% everything maxed out in the settings and still. The footsteps of my Minecraft guy were louder than me talking.
So one hour of Google searches later I was able to hear myself talk. Problem was that I could hear a lot of noise too... weird, digital noises. So I started half an hour of tests to fine tune the audio to get the least amount of weird noises I could. And I ended up with nice volume and just a low humming background noise (the mic is probably picking up the noise from my PC coolers.)
The problem is... I HATE watching a Youtube video with background noise, so it was still unacceptable. Because I have no expensive video editing software and don't know any free one that allows for audio editing I had to work around it.
How? I use VLC the strip the audio from the video then use Audacity to remove the noise from the audio and them I use Movie Maker to join the video and the audio again.
I'm sure there's an easier way to do this and if I can find it I will use it but until then I will do it this way. 

All that means that I now know how to make great sounding videos and that there's finally a release date for the first one!
Tomorrow, March 23rd 2013 will be the official release date of the first video and the website.